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Intapp Releases AI-Assisted Intapp Open 4.0

Intapp this week announced Intapp Open 4.0, the latest release of the industry’s leading business acceptance solution. Using Intapp Open, firms can now proactively manage potential client issues by triggering alerts and workflows when specific financial, risk and compliance thresholds are met throughout the client and matter lifecycle.

In addition, Intapp Open 4.0 introduces AI-assisted review and categorization of clients’ outside counsel guidelines, significantly reducing the time and effort it takes a firm to classify the terms of business specified in OCGs, engagement letters and other requirements documents.

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Epona Update: Microsoft Team based Matter Management – The Ultimate Matter Dashboard

Epona announced the beta launch of Epona Legal Matter Management using Microsoft Teams. Leveraging the Microsoft Teams Desktop application with the Epona tools and Matter Center, law firms and corporate legal departments can work in a single application that accesses their Contacts, Email, DMS SharePoint stored documents, Time & Billing solution and more!

Epona’s approach builds on the already capable Teams desktop application, by making accessible the full power of a SharePoint DMS, as well as Time & Billing, while delivering a simpler methodology for deploying “the dashboard” of all matter related elements in the Teams interface.

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As announced in February, IBM and Ricoh are transforming corporate meetings with industry-first, Watson-powered Interactive Whiteboards.

Ricoh and IBM transform meetings with industry-first, Watson-powered Interactive Whiteboards. Ricoh will discuss its collaboration with IBM Watson announced earlier this year to create the Intelligent Workplace Solution. The solution leverages IBM Watson and Ricoh’s easy-to-use interactive whiteboards to change the way teams meet and collaborate. Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) empower attorneys and staff to share information quickly, easily and securely, no matter where work takes them. RICOH IWBs can connect to dozens of devices at a time to keep information flowing, especially for on-the-go attorneys.

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TitanFile Releases New Enterprise Features for Securing Correspondence and File Sharing

Putting the user firmly in control with hassle-free, hacker-proof security combined with powerful information sharing functionality, TitanFile, a secure file sharing and correspondence platform for legal professionals, announces the most significant product update in TitanFile’s history. The update consists of the integration of two major features within the platform, client-side encryption and single sign-on, and the release of the new Delegation feature. This release makes TitanFile the only solution on the market that offers this ground-breaking innovation.

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Privva Client Security Assessments

Tired of filling out Security Assessments from clients? Privva uses machine learning technology to automate the process of responding to client security assessments. Privva does the hard part for you. The solution automatically builds a draft response for review, saving firms more than 90% of their time completing this process and ensuring resources can be allocated to other critical cybersecurity functions. The solution offers an easier, faster, and reliable way to complete Client Security Assessments.

Cost efficient Timely Turnaround Collaborative review to ensure accuracy and consistency

Contact us to learn how we can streamline your process and take the next security assessment off your desk.

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Bluelock Announces ‘Cyber Threat Health Review’ a professional services engagement designed to assist law firms in mitigating cyber risks

Bluelock will give away three Cyber Threat Health Review service engagements to law firms in attendance at ILTACON 2017. The drawing will be held Wednesday, August 16th at 3pm PT at booth #635.

A law firm’s cybersecurity strategy depends upon fully monitoring and responding to a diverse threat landscape — but this is no easy feat. Cybercriminals are recognizing the pivotal role law firms play in housing sensitive client information for legal proceedings and, because of this, they have begun to target the legal industry with unprecedented force.

Organizations that engage in this service will receive face-to-face education and practical guidance to increase resilience and protect customer confidence.

The Cyber Threat Health Review process includes:

  • Survey and Interviews: Relevant information is collected via surveys and phone interviews
  • Onsite Education: Our team provides education to staff and executives for best practices
  • Detailed Analysis: Our team reviews policies and technology for gaps and opportunities
  • Onsite Delivery of Action Plan: Details risk profiles and action plan from our analysis

For more information, please visit Bluelock at ILTACON booth #635 or visit

OpenText Brings AI-Powered Search to eDOCS

Content Management today is more than corralling enterprise data into the right systems—it’s about enriching that data and making it more valuable for your company. That’s why OpenText is bringing Decisiv Search to OpenText eDOCS as its default search engine.

OpenText Decisiv Search takes the reach and depth of AI-enhanced search even further, using unsupervised machine-learning technology to develop a deeper understanding of content, and surface more accurate and comprehensive search results. Professionals can spend less time looking for information, and more doing the work that matters.

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