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Tikit announce calendar view functionality in new version of their time recording solution, Carpe Diem

Tikit, a global provider of technology solutions to legal firms, today announced a new version of their time recording solution, Carpe Diem version 7.3, with some enhanced features that include a new calendar view.

The new version of Carpe Diem will include a unique user interface in the style of an Outlook calendar view where users can enter and edit their time. All time recording will show in the calendar, working alongside TimeFinder to find partial or full matches for potential recordings. The powerful new feature makes it easy for users to record more time and spot time gaps. The default home screen won’t change, users will still have their traditional day view, but if they want they can now display all their time records in the calendar.

After Carpe Diem’s Intelligent Time was nominated as a finalist for the inaugural LegalTech Product Innovation Competition at Legal Week New York earlier in the year, this new version looks to bring further features to the software to make it easier than ever for users to time record. The new version is scheduled for an October release but users can enquire about their upgrade now. Anyone attending ILTACON will be able to see the new enhancements to Carpe Diem in action as well as checking out several exciting proof of concept features that Tikit are considering for future releases.

Calendar view has been brought into the product as a direct result of user feedback. Tikit put a huge emphasis on the voice of their users, listening to feedback and implementing the changes that they want into future versions of their products. As well as a very active user group, who meet and discuss their thoughts on Carpe Diem, at the beginning of the year Tikit introduced User Voice into the product. This technology allows end-users themselves to make suggestions directly from within the software interface as well as view and vote on the suggestions of others. This year also saw the creation of an independent Product Advisory Board to oversee the strategic developments of Tikit’s products. The group is chaired by Janet Day and its mandate is to ensure that Tikit’s products are developed in a way that reflect the changing needs of modern firms.


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Reynen Court Launches Single Platform for Legal Technology

Reynen Court LLC announced the Beta launch of its software platform designed to help law firms and legal departments speed adoption of AI and other new and existing technologies.

The platform combines a solution store for legal technology along with a powerful control panel that makes it easy for law firms and legal departments to run applications either on-premises or within virtual private clouds. The platform also enables firms to manage software subscriptions with enhanced interoperability between applications and provides usage monitoring and advanced application-specific metrics to aid in better predictability of IT software and infrastructure maintenance and expenditure.

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Litera Microsystems – Company updates from CEO, Avaneesh Marwaha!

Head over to Disney’s Boardwalk The Atlantic Dance Hall for drinks on Monday at 5pm for insight into what the future holds now that we’re one with Workshare & Doxly. Open to all ILTACON attendees, stop by once doors open!

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Traveling Coaches Launches New “Respectful Workplace” Program

Traveling Coaches is releasing its latest innovation to help law firms ensure a safe, inclusive workplace environment: Respectful Workplace. This new program gives employees access to education and resources that help them increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence, recognize situations that involve sexual harassment or sex discrimination, and identify what to do if they experience these situations in the workplace.

“Developing engaging content that meets both national and state requirements has taken a lot of research, and we’re extremely excited to deliver an ongoing program that empowers employees to become part of the change,” said Cindy Mitchell, Director of Product Development at Traveling Coaches. “As more states develop their own mandates, we’ll continue to update and evolve the program. We’ve designed the program so that firms can get started with what makes sense for their employees now.”

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DocsCorp and iManage Integrate Security Products to Minimize Risk of Data Loss and Potential Data Breach

New DocsCorp and iManage integration will enable firms to prevent accidental data loss through email to unintended or unapproved recipients. Be among the first to see it during the open information session on Tuesday, 8/20, at 10 AM in Europe 10 (on the Dolphin Lobby Level). Dean Sappey (DocsCorp) and Ian Raine (iManage) are hosting the joint session.

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Helient Announces the Launch of HeliX™ And AppFolio™, Windows Desktop Composition Products that Streamline IT Operations

Helient announces the launch of HeliX™ and AppFolio™ — two new products that keep Windows 10 desktops compliant with Microsoft’s Modern Windows Lifecycle.

HeliX is a one-of-a-kind managed desktop delivery service that leverages a subscription-based approach to streamline the refresh, re-composition and delivery of Windows desktops within the enterprise. AppFolio is Helient’s extensive library of enterprise application installers, automated deployment packages, compatibility matrices, and in-depth testing application procedures.

Along with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a modern lifecycle for their desktop Operating System (OS) characterized by major new versions released twice annually. In addition to fixing issues and addressing security vulnerabilities, these semi-annual releases introduce brand new features and functionality, resulting in a rapidly and constantly changing Windows platform. And with this major undertaking now occurring on an annual or bi-annual basis, the modern Windows desktop lifecycle represents a permanent 2-4X increase in the number of engineering hours spent on OS and application upgrade work.

“With the current pace of Microsoft Windows – now released twice annually – I was excited to develop a revolutionary product offering that organizes the complex tasks needed for a successful roll out into a seamless and intuitive workflow,” Jamie Engelhard, Chief Technology Officer says. “We heard our clients saying that they were struggling to keep up with the modern Windows lifecycle, and now we are simplifying and managing this daunting process for our CIOs.”

A HeliX subscription provides a continuous stream of the expert skills, knowledge, processes, testing, and troubleshooting necessary to successfully roll out new versions of Windows quickly, efficiently, and with complete confidence in the quality of the end result. As a HeliX subscriber you tap into this wealth of knowledge and information through a secure mobile app which permits you to access all the value-added benefits of the service and to tailor the scope of your subscription as needed.

“With the power of HeliX in your hand, you won’t need to staff up just to keep pace with Windows!” Engelhard adds.

AppFolio complements HeliX by providing subscribers with continuous access to the latest application installers which have been verified for compatibility with Windows, expertly packaged, QA tested, and come with an error-free installation guarantee. An AppFolio subscription provides out-of-band access to updated application packages so no one has to wait for the next version of Windows to take advantage of the service.

About Helient Systems

Helient is a high-end consultancy specializing in legal technology and law firm computing providing innovative and future-focused technology solutions that allow customers to maximize productivity, improve responsiveness and deliver outstanding value. The professionals that comprise Helient Systems have designed, consulted and managed legal computing environments for more than 25 years across dozens of leading AmLaw 100 & 200 firms as owners and knowledge leaders. Helient was formed to bring together the top industry talent who specialize in legal technology and the latest desktop and application virtualization solutions. For more information, contact Steve at or click here.

Aderant Handshake Introduces New Enterprise Search Platform

Part of the Aderant Handshake 3.9.3 release, Handshake Search is a premier enterprise search platform that allows users to easily search stored firm knowledge across all its data silos. We’ve introduced a new platform-independent interface with built-in AI functionality – a solution quick to implement, simple to maintain and easy to use. Check out more in Demo Room – Australia 3!

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